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 No Hassle Club:

The ONLY online membership business maintenance and growth program specifically designed for entrepreneurs that removes all overwhelm by showing you EXACTLY what you need to focus on each month to make your business successful and walks you through the actions you need to take, step by step over a single weekend, so you can implement and take action immediately without having to struggle, teach yourself things, get overwhelmed or waste time.

Usually, you have to wait to join No Hassle Club only every 6 months but because you are smart and just bought a No Hassle product, I want to reward you with:

– Backdoor access to the Club (this will only be available to you for 48 hours otherwise, you’ll have to wait with everyone else!)

– Your first month for only $4.99!!!

Watch this 2 minute video to see how No Hassle Club works:

No Hassle Club is NOT right for you if…


You already have a plan in place

for how to grow and sustain your business in the long run


You don't want someone else to guide you

through the maze of online entrepreneurship 


You like to take your sweet time working on the same things

for months and months without much progress


You aren’t ready to annihilate the daily overwhelm

of achieving your goals and rather stick with what you know (although it hasn’t been working for you…)


You are not willing to dedicate one weekend each month

working hard a few hours each day of that weekend to complete one single project 


You don't want to have access to a library of bite-size trainings

that cover the most important topics and projects you probably already have on your to-do list?

But if you ARE a hard-worker online entrepreneur, determined to take consistent, meaningful action to grow and sustain your business, then No Hassle Club is the solution you have been looking for.


Things you WON'T have to do if you join No Hassle Club:


Feel overwhelmed about what you actually need to do to grow and sustain your business


Waste time and money planning, learning, trying, changing and improvising an effective, manageable and realistic plan to grow your business


Worry about working all the time yet staying stuck in the same situation you are in for weeks, months and years


Hire a coach to tell you what you need to do 


Contemplate giving up on your dreams and business because you haven’t achieved your desired results (yet!)


Work more


Things you WILL have to do if you join No Hassle Club


Clear your schedule and dedicate one weekend each month to doing some hard, focused and effective work to complete a single project that is essential to your business (you can always watch the replays and do the work the following week or weekend if you can’t join the Implementation Weekend live)


Follow the step-by-step instructions I will provide each month and implement immediately what you learn so can get quick results without overwhelm

Bask in your own glory as you get important projects completed, reach your goals, and achieve new heights in your business

Backdoor Access to No Hassle Club Disappears in…

Days     Hours     Minutes     Seconds    

Only $4.99 for the first month, each month after that $35.99. No commitment, stop any time.

We probably already know each other, but just in case we were never properly introduced – Nice to meet you, I am Neta Talmor!

As a serial entrepreneur since my teens, I have been building my own businesses for over 20 years and my own online businesses since 2003. I am the creator of No Hassle Website and all things No Hassle and I have helped over 2000 online entrepreneurs build their online businesses. I am also a mom of 2 young kids and a wife, as well as passionate mid-day-napper and sucker of all romantic movies. 

The idea to create No Hassle Club came very naturally and organically – I simply listened to my community and to their needs. After running a few Implementation Weekends for my peeps to implement one of my products, I was blown away by what they got done on a single weekend with my laser-focused instructions and guidance, so I thought to myself… what if I did this EVERY month, covering a different aspect of the business? This realization gave me the idea for the No Hassle Club.

My goal was ambitious: to create an uber-affordable membership program for hard-working (yet highly-overwhelmed) online entrepreneurs, that actually gets them to do more for their business on a weekend, than they do all month, so they can grow and sustain their business (and feel amazingly acoomplished!). 

No Hassle Club is exactly that (and more!), and if any of what I just described resonates with you – then I made it for you.

I like to keep things simple around No Hassle Club, to reduce any confusion and overwhelm

You only need to know a few things about No Hassle Club to understand how it works:


ShEBANG without the (h)assle

A fundamental part of the No Hassle Club philosophy is the idea that a successful, thriving and sustainable online business, MUST continuously invest time and resources in all 6 Pillars – Sell, Engage, Brand, Attract, Nurture, Give.


One Pillar Each Month

Each month, on the 3rd weekend of the month, we will have a new, live Implementation Weekend in our closed Facebook group during which we will learn, work and implement a new project focusing on one of the 6 Pillars.


Implementation Weekend

Each Implementation Weekend will include 4 live sessions inside our closed group where I will give you detailed and specific step-by-step instructions on what you need to do exactly to complete that month’s project, and you will have to do the actual work in between the live sessions (replays will be available immediately after each session in case you cannot join live and I rotate the times so they work for different time zones around the world).


Foundation Trainings

Some basic trainings, will be available to all members at all times, in the Foundation Trainings section in the members area as bonus trainings (including my Facebook Ads Crash Course!)


No Hassle School

Each time a new Implementation Weekend starts, the previous one will be added to the No Hassle School section of the members area. This means that all active members are able to access all new Implementation Weekends PLUS all previous recorded Implementation Weekends which currently include 24 amazing on-demand trainings inside the No Hassle School.

When you become a No Hassle Club member, you get full, immediate access to No Hassle School’s 30+ on-demand trainings:

Social Media Posts Series

Quickly create a complete social media posts series 

Facebook Ads

Learn how to create successful, converting Facebook Ads


Giving Answers

Learn how to look for and answer questions in your community that are not directly related to your products but are beneficial to your community (and therefore, to your business!)


Write a Winning Sales Page

Use a blueprint to write a sales page that converts prospects into buyers for any of your products

Create and Give a Product for Free

Create an actual complete product to give away to your community for free, because you are nice like that!


Creating a Quiz

Creating a fun and interesting quiz that will attract people to your offers (and possibly go viral!!) 


List Building

Nurture your relationship with your existing email list (even if it is just 10 people) and grow your list

Creating Your Ideal Client Avatar

Learn how to create your Ideal Client Avatar like you have never done before, so you can resonate with your ICA on a much deeper and effective level

Email Sequence for a Launch

Have your entire launch email sequence from start to finish ready to deploy!

Your U.S.P.

Craft a strong, truly Unique Sales Proposition that will make you and your brand stand apart from your competition

Canva Designs for Your Launch

Create beautiful graphic design assets to use for your launch

Launch Trigger Webinar

Prepare your launch trigger webinar to get people to jump on your offer

Business Foundation System

Remove the chaos and make everything predicatable with operational manuals.

Business Foundation Team

Learn how to hire the right people and build a superstar team to grow your business.


Virtual Subscription Box Product

Think outside the box without creating a virtual subscription box.

Freebie on a Weekend

Need a new freebie? No more procrastinating! Create your own irresistible freebie to attract new clients

About You

Tell your story and help future clients get to know you

Uber Engaging Posts

How to engage your audience to the max through posts

DIY Brand Photo Shoot

Elevate your brand by taking beautiful, professional-looking pictures of you that you can use all year long with your social media posts, page/group cover, website, sales page, PDFs, products etc.


Master Facebook Live

Master doing Facebook Live in your group so that you can nurture your relationship with your community, serve, feel comfortable and empowered delivering content and interacting with your audience in this format

Your Personal Origin Story

Let your community and prospects get to know you better and create a trust relationship (that helps you sell!) through the power of your personal brand story

A Glossary of Terms in Your Industry

Create an index of your industry jargon to get your clients in the know (it’s the gift that keeps on giving!)


Setting Up Your Facebook Messenger Chatbot

Set up a complete customer service Facebook Messenger chatbot to engage your clients and do the work for you


Goal Planning

Set up the right kind of goals and an execusion plan that works with your brain and not against it, so that you actually crush your goals!

Create a 3-Day Bootcamp

Plan and create assets for a 3-Day Bootcamp to promote your product as a part of your launch

New Client Onboarding

Create a postive experience for your client from day 1

Client Relationship Maintenance

Turn your new clients into raving fans by nurturing your client relationship


Business Foundation Time

Discover all the free time you will have to make more money if you delegate tasks and set boundaries. 

Business Foundation Model

Design your profitable, sustainable and scalable business.

Unprompted ♡ love notes from Club members

Answers to your lingering questions

What happens if I don't sign up in 48 hours but then decide to join?

 You’ll have to wait to join with everyone else! Other than this special Back Door Access, the option to join the Club is only available twice a year, and the price goes up each time.

What is the cost of joining No Hassle Club?

No Hassle Club is a monthly membership program. That means that you pay each month and you can leave at any time! The price to join is just $4.99 (USD) for the first month, and $30.99 (USD) each month after that (leave any time!).

The option to join the Club will only be available twice a year, and the price goes up each time so this is the lowest price you will ever get to join (and you will lock this price).

Will I really be able to get important things done on one weekend?

Yes! But you will have to clear your schedule and dedicate several hours on each of the 2 days of the Implementation Weekend and work hard to complete the work! I will guide you through it, step by step, but you will have to be the one doing the work, there is no getting around that…

What if I can't join live the Implementation Weekend?

No worries! Each Implementation Weekend includes 4 live sessions inside our closed Facebook group and replay are available as soon as the live session end. You can watch the 4 sessions a few hours or days later, or simply watch them all on the following weekend! Whatever works for you.

I live in Australia, so wouldn't the live sessions be in the middle of the night for me?

Not necessarily! Although I am located in Canada (EST time zone), members of the Club are from all over the world, so I move the time of the live sessions every month, to accommodate and give options for members from different parts of the world to join live. I even do some of the Implementation Weekends on Friday/Saturday my time, so they are in fact on Saturday/Sunday in Australia and New Zealand.

What kind of projects will we be doing in the Club?

Each month, on the 3rd weekend of the month, during the Implementation Weekend, we will implement a new project, focusing on one of the 6 Pillars (Sell, Engage, Brand, Attract, Nurture, Give) and every 6 months we will start again so that we cover all 6 Pillars every 6 months. 
The projects we will complete include a huge variety of areas and types – social media posts, videos, product development, launches, customer service, ads, automation, customer service to name just a few… If you look at the list of on-demand trainings in No Hassle School, you will see the trainings we did in the last year and a half.

What if I don't need or want to do a specific project on a specific month?

So don’t do it! It is only natural that not every member of the club will be interested in completing every single project. Some will be more relevant and important to you than others, and that’s OK. The monthly membership cost is very reasonable and affordable, even if you choose to skip a few projects during the year it is still an amazing return on investement (however, don’t skip too many since each Pillar of your business needs attention!). 

Do I need to have a No Hassle Website to be able to join?

No, you don’t. However, you may find that using No Hassle Website can help you, empower you, and save you time, as I designed it for non-techies and pre-designed it to do exactly that. I do recommend having a WordPress website though, even if it is not a No Hassle Website, as some of the projects will require you to have a website you can easily edit and add features, which can easily be done with a WordPress website. 

Access to No Hassle Club Disappears in...








Only $4.99 for the first month, each month after that $35.99. No commitment, stop any time.




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5-Day Challenge for FREE

Oct. 28-Nov. 1

Yippee! You are a VIP and will be the first to get any news!